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Our second part in the Move Us In series of moving tips to help your next Brisbane move easier covers everything from finding schools through to how best to label boxes. We hope you find the tips useful and don’t forget to add your own to help others out in the comments.

Tip#13 – Make Your Reservations For Movers Two To Four Weeks Before Your Move Day.

Book your Brisbane furniture removalist at least two to four weeks before your big moving day. By booking your removalist early, it will take the stress out of your move, ensure that no hidden surprises occur and also allows the removalist company time to ensure they have the professional staff available for your move.

Tip#14 – Pack Important Documents Separately.

Important documents that you might need in a hurry like health records, bank details and the like should be packed separately. This way if something comes up while the move is in progress your documents are easily accessible and not located at the back of a moving truck in the bottom of a box.

Tip#15 – Label All Boxes On The Top And Side.

This will speed up the job of ensuring your possessions are placed in the correct rooms for you when you arrive at your new home. Colour coding is also a good idea, marking boxes for each room with a different colour  and providing your Brisbane removalists with a list of each colour and their corresponding rooms.

Tip#16 – Dispose Of Hazardous Materials

Your Brisbane moving company will not transport hazardous materials such as petrol, barbeque gas bottles, any flammable liquids and such. If you do not have a use for these items, then ensure that they are disposed or they are empty.

Tip#17 – Don’t Forget To Disconnect Services.

A few weeks out before moving remember to call your Brisbane service providers like phone, internet, water, electricity etc to ensure they are disconnected on the day you move. By planning this, you will ensure that you receive no little surprises in the mail for unpaid service bills.

Tip#18 – Does The Removalist Company Have A Contact Point For Your Move.

Moving day can be stressful business, check with your moving company that they will provide you a single point of contact on your moving day, so that if issues arise they can be dealt with promptly.

Tip#19 – Obtain Medical Records.

If moving outside your current locality, it is a good idea to gather any medical records from your doctors and dentists. Your local GP might even know a great local doctor in your new area.

Tip#20 – Ensure Smoke Alarms Are Working

One of the first things you should do when moving into your new home is to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Check that all smoke alarms are working, and possibly even replace the batteries straight away to ensure they continue to function over the near future.

Tip#21 – Don’t Pack Damp Clothes.

Your intentions maybe to unpack as soon as you arrive at your new home, however plans can change. If damp clothes are left packed for a small period of time, they will quickly grow mold and become ruined.

Tip#22 – Donate Unwanted Belongings.

If you no longer have use for a couch or other unwanted belongings. Contact one of your local charity shops to see if they would be interested in them. This can not only save you time in disposing of the items, but also be helping an important community organisation.

Tip#23 – Find A Great School For Your Children.

Months before your move, you will be wanting to check out what the options are for your childrens’ education is in your new area. The My School website run by Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is a great starting point, where you can research local schools anywhere in Australia.

Tip#24 – Stay With The Mover.

A great idea is to stay at your home during the move. This way if the removalists have questions, they can be resolved quickly. By staying with the removalist, you can also have that peace of mind that your items are being looked after. This will also help at your new home, ensuring that all your belongings are placed in the correct locations. A reputable removalist will have no problems with you staying during the move, just remember that they may ask you to stay out of the way, especially when moving heavy items.

These are just some more great tips to ensure your next move is as worrisome free as possible. Have your own tips, then let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear them.

Move Us In, is a reliable removalist company based in Brisbane and servicing the greater Brisbane region including Logan, Ipswich, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We offer peace of mind with our “100% No Damage Guarantee” on all our moves. We also offer packing and unpacking services, packing materials along with our removalist services. So call now for your next move in Brisbane or surrounds or contact us via our Furniture Removalist contact form.

Part one of making your next Brisbane move easy.


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