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At Move Us In, we understand that moving house can be a stressful process.  We aim to make each move as easy as possible, and over the next few months will be publishing our list of 52 useful tips to make your next move as stress free as possible. Have more tips, let us know, we would love to hear your ideas.

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Tip #1 – Pack A Lunch And Plenty Of Re-hydrating Liquids.

Moving day can be a busy day and it is important to keep re-hydrated and well nourished. By preparing snacks, lunch and water you can save time in visiting the shops or fast food outlet.

Tip#2 – Keep Each Room’s Items Boxed Together.

Group your room items in same boxes and then color code the boxes or write which room they are to be delivered to in your new home. This will ensure that less work is needed by for yourself or the unpackers, saving you time, money or both.

Tip#3 – Small Packing Boxes For Books.

Seems obvious, but books do become very heavy when packed in large boxes. By packing all your books into smaller boxes will it save the back of your removalists and ensures that the boxes do not break from all the weight of your riveting novels.

Tip#4 – Never Use Printed Newspaper To Wrap Your Items.

The print on newspaper can stain your valuable items, leaving marks that cannot be removed. Quality packing paper is cheap, and suited for this purpose and will not leave stains on your items.

Tip#5 – Keep Cleanup Essentials Separate While Packing.

Items like brooms, dust pans, cloths and cleaning products will be essential for most moves to ensure your are leaving your residence in the best possible state for the new owners or tenants. Early in your packing move essential cleaning items to a separate location, for easy access.

Tip#6 – Use Professional Packing Boxes.

Professional packing boxes are sturdier than normal boxes you might find at your supermarket. They also come in set sizes allowing the removalist to stack the boxes securely in the moving truck ensuring no damage to your valuable items.

Tip#7 – Never Use Duct Tape For Your Packing Boxes.

Packing tape is more practical to use then duct tape, and much easier to remove at the other end. This will save you time when unpacking.

Tip#8 – Do Not Interlock The Tops Of Packing Boxes.

When packing use packing tape, this will ensure that the boxes stack better in a moving truck, and also that your belonging are safe and secure in their boxes and will not become dislodged during transit.

Tip#9 – Unwanted Items

Think of having a garage sale a month before your move to help with de-cluttering your belongings. Over time it is amazing the items a household can gather, and moving house is a great time to sell those unwanted items. Online sites like eBay and Gumtree can also be a great place to sell unwanted items.

Tip#10 – Tape Furniture Bolts And Screws To Base Of Items.

If taking apart large furniture yourself, it is a good idea to securely tape the smaller screws, bolts etc to the base of the item so they can easily be found when reassembling at your new home.

Tip#11 – Pack Large Electrical Equipment In Original Packaging.

If you are a forward thinker and have kept all your original boxes and packing for large electrical items, it is a great idea to repack the items into these boxes. If not, ensure the items are well bubble wrapped for their move, so they arrive safely at their destination. Professional movers will be able to help with this, if you are not sure on packing procedures.

Tip#12 – Pack Essential Items Separately From Other Items.

A great idea is to pack essential items separate from all your other household items and ensure that the furniture removalists pack these items last. A good idea is to label the box as “last to load”. This way, if something is required when you arrive at your new destination, then you can access them quickly.

The above are just some of the great tips we have picked up during our years of moving houses. Have your own tips? Why not share in the comments below and happy moving.

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